by danineko

My name is Daniela Lindner, AKA Sanatio, and I am a freelance illustrator and plush maker.


I fell in love with sewing as a hobby while studying in animation and illustration at Emile Cohl in Lyon, France. After my diploma in 2013 I didn’t want to leave it, and decided to mix my sewing passion with what I learned at art school.


Coming from the world of Manga and Pokemons, but also Disney and Pixar movies, I aim to create a world of cute and fantastic creatures. This was greatly growing on me when I got my two cats Sana and Laki entering my life. I developed a fascination with cats, and can empathize with people who adore them like me. Frustrated to not find correct felines in the plush business, I started making my own versions. I will also start creating other kinds of animals in the near future.


I make new creatures by drawing the concept art first, then patterning them in 3D to get a plushie made with minkee, polyfill and cotton and sometimes accessories. I also use my illustrations with printing on fabric to create cute soft minkee pillows.

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